Siphon Bend (Diameter 50mm) for Plumbingbox MB

The multi-siphon bend can be used for all drain situations from washbasin to sink etc. (suitable for siphon rubber 5/4″, 6/4″ and 2″).

A wall sealing sleeve is already integrated to prevent wall moisture penetration in the event of connection leaks.

The DN 50 siphon bend is only clipped into the Plumbingbox where water drainage is required. It has integrated retaining positions for the ingenious siphon bend.

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Plumbingbox MB siphon bend suitable for washbasins, hand washbasins (for siphon rubber 5/4), washing machines AP (for siphon rubber 2″) as well as with integrated drain pipe construction sleeve for absolutely tight wall lead-throughs.

If the wall lead-through seal is not required in conjunction with a Siphon rubber 5/4″, this part can be detached at the notch provided.

You don’t need any tools to fit the siphon bend in the Plumbingbox. Pass it through, click it in. Done.

Delivery without siphon rubber.


Connection pipework
DN 50

Additional information

Weight 0,15 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


Clamping the tool on to the machine. (01)

The punching tool in use (demo). (02)

Punching holes and pressing clips with Stephanie. (03)

Punching holes and pressing clips on construction site. (04)

Assembly of the Multibox with siphon. (05)

Laying drain pipe with punch and clip and cable tie. (06)

Installation of the Multibox. (07)

Complete assembly Multibox pressure and drainage pipes. (08)