Plumbingbox MB – 240mm (pressure pipe length 200mm, diameter 16mm)

Plumbing boxes makes plumbing easier, safer and faster.

The Plumbingbox MB was developed for quick, easy and reliable installation on masonry, drywall, wood, concrete and GIS systems.

With the patented box technology, you can save up to 80% in assembly time.

Our Plumbingboxes are manufactured according to the most modern manufacturing processes and guarantee high technology and quality. Almost one million boxes have been sold worldwide so far.

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The high-tech solutions from Peter Ulson guarantee quality, perfection, minimum assembly times and easy handling.

The boxes are equipped with integrated mounting brackets for fastening in masonry, plaster and timber construction, pre-wall technology on all common building materials.

Box technology, developed and produced in Austria.

Boxes for applications for washbasins, bathtubs, sinks, washing machines and showers.

Pressure pipe routing possible from above or below.

Plumbingbox MB: The powerhouse among plumbing boxes.

  • Box technology dimensions: W 240 x H 280 x D 70 mm.
  • Outlet design: 1/2″ internal thread.
  • Wall sealing sleeve for wall penetration sealing according to EN 18534.
  • Pipe protection mounted as pollution protection.
  • Construction plug mounted as pollution protection and for the tightness test with compressed air.
  • Pressure pipe routing possible in DN 16 and 20.
  • Pressure pipe length from insulating body: 200 mm.
  • A circumferential recess at the pressure pipe outlet allows jointless insertion of the pipe insulation.
  • Integrated retaining positions for holding the multi-siphon elbow DN 50. The siphon elbow is clipped into the Plumbingbox where a water drain is required.
  • The Multi Siphon Elbow covers all drainage situations from washbasin to sink, etc. (for siphon rubber 5/4″, 6/4″ and 2″) and integrates a wall sealing sleeve to prevent wall moisture penetration in the event of connection leaks.

100 % thermal insulation

Drinking water installation and energy saving:
Pipes and fittings used in the plumbing box meet the requirements of DIN 1988-200 and EnEv.

Protection against condensation and sound:
The use of polyurethane foam suppresses the formation of condensation water.

The pipes in the plumbing box are decoupled from the building structure. This greatly reduces sound transmission.

Our plumbing boxes meet more than all standard specifications:

  • Material outgassing: Certified for “sustainable building”
  • Resistant to formic acid, microbes, fungi, mold, rot: Certified for “sustainable construction”
  • General building authority approval
  • Increased sound insulation according to DIN 4109/B8115-2
  • Fire protection according to EN 13501-1
  • Thermal insulation according to H5155
  • Condensation protection for building components according to EN 8061-5
  • Water vapor diffusion resistance according to EN12088
  • Stability to forces according to DIN 53241
  • Dimensional stability according to EN 1604
  • Flexural strength according to EN12089
  • Compressive strength for structural elements according to EN826
  • Insulation body conductivity according to EN 12667
  • Bulk density certification to EN 1602 (large retaining forces for fitting outlets)
  • Separate wall angle fixing according to EN 806/D1N1988 (no heat transfer)
  • Wall duct according to EN18534
  • Certified according to EN14308

Additional information

Weight 0,881 kg
Dimensions 280 × 240 × 70 cm


Clamping the tool on to the machine. (01)

The punching tool in use (demo). (02)

Punching holes and pressing clips with Stephanie. (03)

Punching holes and pressing clips on construction site. (04)

Assembly of the Multibox with siphon. (05)

Laying drain pipe with punch and clip and cable tie. (06)

Installation of the Multibox. (07)

Complete assembly Multibox pressure and drainage pipes. (08)