Plumber Starter Kit, large, incl. transport case

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Make holes for pipes, hoses or cables in metal studs of drywall in seconds without a drill or angle grinder.

Press in the green clips to protect the media and fix them with cable ties.

Working with the studwall tool means perfect, standard-compliant installations and high time and cost savings at the same time.

The world innovation for pipe and cable installation in drywall.

See our assembly videos.

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Save 2/3 of the installation time when laying pipes, hoses or cables in drywalls.

The patented studwall tool for fast and safe punching of holes in metal studs of drywalls (U- and C-profiles) with max. 100mm depth and sheet thicknesses up to 0.8mm.

The tool can be mounted on standard fitting press machines with 32 kN press force in just a few steps. No special training is required to work with the studwall tool.

The starter kits include all the necessary components for professional, fast, safe, precise and standard-compliant installation work (fitting presses are not included).

For the supply of suitable fitting press machines, please contact your trusted tool hire company or the relevant specialist trade. If you need recommendations for machine purchases, please contact our staff.

The plumber starter kit, large has the following scope of delivery:

  • 1 pcs. studwall tool
  • 1 pair of punching inserts for holes of 58mm
  • 1 transport case
  • 1 pcs. spanner with socket 19mm
  • 1000 pcs. green fastening clips

Additional information

Weight 18,407 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 51 cm


Clamping the tool on to the machine. (01)

The punching tool in use (demo). (02)

Punching holes and pressing clips with Stephanie. (03)

Punching holes and pressing clips on construction site. (04)

Assembly of the Multibox with siphon. (05)

Laying drain pipe with punch and clip and cable tie. (06)

Installation of the Multibox. (07)

Complete assembly Multibox pressure and drainage pipes. (08)

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